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Wall Finishes

This is one area where you can let your imagination run riot and we're with you at every step! Creative, classy, elegant, unique, clever, innovative or fun – whichever way you want to play it.

If you love faux finishes – where the paint replicates the texture of another material like marble, stone or wood – or you're dreaming of a soft, dreamy, cloudy wall finish in delicate sunset hues, perhaps an industrial, metallic look or a textured wall that mimics the appearance of rich embossed fabrics, or a rustic wattle-and-daub wall – the sky's the limit here!

At Rituz, we'll combine these looks with top-quality paints, techniques and workmanship. We ensure that your walls are fully prepped and dry before starting work, free of grime and dust and ready to absorb your artistic vision. We provide design advice on color palette, finishes and functionality, based on the dimensions of the room, its function and current trends and techniques available.

Paints and finishes for different areas are available, based on the kind of use, budget and design requirement you specify. Our technicians are fully-trained, experienced and knowledgeable in use of the latest materials and techniques and we assure professional results whether you’re just using a fresh color or you’re experimenting with an avant-garde effect!