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Hospitality Design

In the hospitality industry, staying ahead of the competition is crucial! Adapting to new social and technological trends, newer travel and tourism habits, making the best use of limited spaces and ensuring that guests have a comfortable, safe, hygienic and pleasant stay are at the heart of hotel interior design. There are no second chances to make a first impression – and stepping into a hotel lobby or guest-room for the first time is an experience that etches itself permanently in the mind of the guest. The sights, sounds, smells and feel of the place need to convey exactly what the traveler has in mind and what they're paying for. At Rituz, we understand the essential elements that need to go into hotel interior design...
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Residential Design

Rituz is a full service interior design company that believes our goal is to create attractive, cohesive, functional residential and commercial spaces. Elements of style, harmony, mood are essential components in design, but also fundamentals like finance, budget and efficiency. Think of us as having a best friend who's also a designer! Whether you want to simply get a quick, decorative makeover with a few striking touches, or you want to go all the way and get a completely new look, our talented designers are excited to work on every kind of project. Getting a professional designer in on the project right in the beginning can save a lot of time, money and effort, as we can ensure that visual appeal and practicality merge perfectly with your preferences and taste.
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Office Design

Designing an office space begins with gaining a thorough understanding of the client’s business, budget, design perspective, functional needs, location and the possibilities and limitations of the available space. Safety is a huge concern in commercial spaces and we make this one of our primary objectives while designing your office space. People spend a significant part of their working lives ensconced in an office – and their experience here can spill-over into other areas of their lives and relationships too and is in fact an architectural and design phenomenon. It is a working space, different from a living space. At Rituz we understand that office design is based on the nature of business, the culture, organizational structure, hierarchies, use of technology, managerial styles and current trends. The lobby or reception area is the first point of contact for visitors and employees alike, while conference rooms should encourage the spirit of innovation, brain-storming, problem-solving and consensus building.
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Commercial Design

Our commercial interior designers work hard to create highly visualised commercial design themes that increase office productivity, engage staff and improve efficiency from the moment they’re signed off. Whether you’re making a move to larger premises, relocating or starting a new business, Rituz Interiors offers a fully integrated contemporary office design, project management and construction services to develop the perfect workspace environment for your employees. Working with a wide range of organisations across - from new start ups to long established blue chip companies - we offer a turnkey service, using the latest technological innovations to create affordable, stylish modern commercial interiors.
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Vastu Consultancy

Create a positive environment in your home or office, to ensure peace, prosperity, harmony, health and security to all those who use the space. This is achieved by integrating the ancient science of Vastu Shastra with modern architectural design and construction. When carefully oriented and harmonized, interiors can dispel negative energy and invite positive forces to take abode in your home or commercial spaces. We create and sustain spaces for our residential or commercial purposes without knowing that we could integrate life-supporting forces into them. The positive energies of the elements such as air, water, fire, space can be harnessed to create a space filled with positive forces. It’s very important to know the different zones in a space and our expert and experienced vaastu consultants can assist you with identifying the positive and negative zones in your spaces.
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Onsite Work

At Rituz, we offer the full range of services in interior design under a single umbrella. This means you don't have to tear your hair out trying to get electrical contractors, plumbers, civil works contractors, etc at the right time and in the right sequence. We take care of all these factors and offer a comprehensive suite of services that includes everything from ceilings to floors, temperature to light control, colors, style, furniture and furnishings, accessories and artifacts in a unique blend that reflects your taste and personality. We also understand how living and working spaces function and the importance of mood, balance, harmony. Syncing these with functional, practical and durable design aspects allows us to create a complete living or working space that matches your requirements perfectly.
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