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Vastu Consultancy

Create a positive environment in your home or office, to ensure peace, prosperity, harmony, health and security to all those who use the space. This is achieved by integrating the ancient science of Vastu Shastra with modern architectural design and construction.

When carefully oriented and harmonized, interiors can dispel negative energy and invite positive forces to take abode in your home or commercial spaces. We create and sustain spaces for our residential or commercial purposes without knowing that we could integrate life-supporting forces into them. The positive energies of the elements such as air, water, fire, space can be harnessed to create a space filled with positive forces.

It’s very important to know the different zones in a space and our expert and experienced vaastu consultants can assist you with identifying the positive and negative zones in your spaces. Placement of paintings, statues, electrical appliances, curtains, mirrors, plants etc and also the nature of flooring, ceiling, orientation of doors and windows etc are all crucial elements of good Vaastu.

Vaastu aims to allow us to live in harmony with natural and environmental forces like gravity and magnetic fields. Often, certain fundamental problems in life and business can be solved by a simple re-orientation of your room, direction of your desk or placement of a particular element in a particular spot.

Vaastu also recommends different sizes and shapes for your interiors, rooms and furniture. The placement of the elevators and lifts, security booths and washrooms is another crucial element in this philosophy.

At Rituz, we offer Vaastu consultancy services that help you with:

• Furniture material and placement
• Placement of vaastu compliant accessories in kitchens/baths
• Color and texture schemes
• Drapery colors and textures, placement
• Exterior finishes
• Garden and landscaping
• Placement of electrical items and appliances
• Choice and placement of plants
• Choice and placement of art works, accessories
• Choice and placement of water bodies

In offices and commercial spaces, placement and orientation of the rooms of key personnel are very important and we can help you with these. Different departments should be placed and oriented according to Vaastu principles, for health and prosperity of the users and the organization.

Placement of equipment and machinery, money-related items and transportation should also be done according to Vaastu prescriptions. This enhances the beneficial energies present in the environment while reducing and eliminating the negative forces. Different permutations and combinations of the natural elements may create disharmony inside spaces, which would not be the case in the outside world where these forces are allowed to flow freely. Walls and buildings restrict this flow and hence they could create harmful imbalances. The science of Vaastu helps to harmonize the elemental forces and provide health, wealth and happiness to those who dwell, work and play inside such buildings.

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