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Residential Design

Rituz is a full service interior design company that believes our goal is to create attractive, cohesive, functional residential and commercial spaces. Elements of style, harmony, mood are essential components in design, but also fundamentals like finance, budget and efficiency. Think of us as having a best friend who's also a designer! Whether you want to simply get a quick, decorative makeover with a few striking touches, or you want to go all the way and get a completely new look, our talented designers are excited to work on every kind of project.

Getting a professional designer in on the project right in the beginning can save a lot of time, money and effort, as we can ensure that visual appeal and practicality merge perfectly with your preferences and taste.

This is what we’re trained to do:

• Space evaluation, assessment, utilization planning, creation
• Storage space planning and creation
• Planning long-term for life-style changes like age, increase/decrease in family size
• Compliance with local municipal, state, national codes
• Ensuring ergonomics and safety
• Restoration
• Customized designs for furniture, drapery, accessories
• Selection of appliances, plumbing and electrical fittings

Every residential project is unique. We help you balance style, schedules and pricing to get the right mix.

Why do you need a design pro when your contractor can easily carry out the work you want?

Contractors can certainly carry out civil works based on instructions. However, residential interior designers are specially trained to use space efficiently and esthetically. They are in touch with the latest trends in design, materials and technology. They follow a set of processes for each project from design to hand-over. They’re a bridge between client and contractor so that the home-owner’s ultimate vision is realized.

What are some of the factors that we focus on when we create a design?

At Rituz, our design professionals are trained to identify and creatively resolve design issues, so that the final product is a safe, comfortable and attractive living environment. Single room/home remodeling or refurbishing, creating model homes, working on apartments/condos etc are our forte. We look at the space itself – dimensions, limitations, possibilities and how it will be finally used and by whom: as a working space, leisure area, resting or lounging area, for entertainment, exercise, worship, learning etc. Practical aspects like ease of access, light, temperature control, storage space and the health and safety factors are equally important design features. Finally, we assess the behavioral and psychological impact of our design on the users – would this satisfy their needs and aspirations? The range of services offered by Rituz is comprehensive and broad-based, covering:

• design consultation and development
• final floor plan
• custom electrical plans
• wood-work/cabinetry design and execution
• room isometrics
• door and window finish
• appliances
• furniture design/execution/placement

Finally, putting the whole look together may require the designer to source the right fabrics, art-work, accessories, lighting etc. Leave it to us at Rituz. We are a one-stop service for all your interior design needs and we have the expertise and experience in creating one-of-a-kind living spaces.

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