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Office Design

Office spaces - Pragmatic, practical, boring, depressing, over-decorated? Dull colors, sterile materials? And work, work, work? Or office spaces that foster creativity, excitement, growth? Reflect your core values, strategic vision and nature of your business? Motivate and energize people?

• Corporate office
• Open office
• Team spaces/Cubicles
• Private/shared offices
• Meeting/conference rooms
• Support function spaces – photocopying, filing, storage, mail, pantry, lounge, rest-rooms, library, exercise-rooms, library, waiting area, common areas, garden spaces

Designing an office space begins with gaining a thorough understanding of the client’s business, budget, design perspective, functional needs, location and the possibilities and limitations of the available space. Safety is a huge concern in commercial spaces and we make this one of our primary objectives while designing your office space.

People spend a significant part of their working lives ensconced in an office – and their experience here can spill-over into other areas of their lives and relationships too and is in fact an architectural and design phenomenon. It is a working space, different from a living space. At Rituz we understand that office design is based on the nature of business, the culture, organizational structure, hierarchies, use of technology, managerial styles and current trends. The lobby or reception area is the first point of contact for visitors and employees alike, while conference rooms should encourage the spirit of innovation, brain-storming, problem-solving and consensus building.

Flooring, lighting and furniture are vital components that should be ergonomically designed, comfortable and utilitarian yet esthetically pleasing. It’s one of the best kept secrets that a company’s washrooms reveal more about it than any other space! Let Rituz deal with the civil, electrical and plumbing works to create a well-lit, safe, hygienic and practical space that offers privacy, compliance with statutory norms, and something that’s easy to clean and maintain.

Let Rituz answer the question – What message does your office convey?

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