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Flooring is a key element in interior design. Trends, fashions and tastes are constantly changing, so many people prefer to stay completely neutral in terms of colors and design.

But there's a whole universe of choices out there in terms of materials, finishes, functionality, colors, textures and size. At Rituz, we stay up-dated on the latest local and international trends so your flooring makes the right impact.

We advise you on the use of different floorings for different spaces in your home or office. Our expert designers can give you smart tips about using visual tricks to give the impression of continuous space in smaller rooms, or breaking up the available space into clearly demarcated functional areas.

Flooring in kitchens, baths and family areas must be tough, hard-wearing and yet attractive. If you have pets, kids or seniors using these spaces, the floor has to be skid-proof and easy to clean.

Wooden floors are trendy, glamorous and eye-catching,  giving a warm, inviting ambiance. Our flooring experts undertake top-quality installation work for wooden flooring.

At Rituz, we understand that flooring takes up a huge chunk of your construction budget, but it’s also a huge value-add. Our professional work-force provides efficient, cost-effective, high-quality solutions to your flooring needs.