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Onsite Work - Flooring

includes everything from ceilings to floors, temperature to light control, colors, style, furniture and furnishings, accessories and artifacts in a unique blend that reflects your taste and personality. We also understand how living and working spaces function and the importance of mood, balance, harmony. Syncing these with functional, practical and durable design aspects allows us to create a complete living or working space that matches your requirements perfectly. Our knowledge and expertise keeps us updated on the latest trends, cutting-edge technologies, modern fabrics and materials and national and international concerns about environment and ecology. Today, trends like green walls, hydroponics and preference for natural materials and sources of power and light are in the forefront of interior design.

We also take into account the local civic compliance and requirements to create a space that’s in conformity with building and fire safety laws and regulations. Our experienced designers first conduct a feasibility study to examine and evaluate the available space, your requirements, design preferences and budget. We also consult with you on the finer details like the changing dynamics of the use of the space.

We believe in the 5 P’s: Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

Our work-force is reliable, experienced and completely trustworthy, and equipped not just with professional savvy but also excellent communication skills and the ability to find practical, efficient and cost-effective solutions to problems.

On site work would include services like

• Flooring • False ceilings • POP work and wall finishes • Painting • Renovations • Plumbing • Electrical • Basic civil works

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