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False Ceiling

Add interest, finesse and utility to your room with a superbly designed false ceiling. Also known as a dropped or suspended ceiling, it has become an integral part of modern architecture in both residential and commercial interiors. False ceilings are an instant, easy and efficient way to deal with the dimensions of a space, insulate it and control sound. Generally, POP is the preferred material, though wood, gypsum boards, PVC tiles, acoustic boards and fiberglass are also being used to create false ceilings, along with the desired motifs, patterns, finish and texture.

At Rituz, we design, build and install top-quality false ceilings that balance aesthetics, acoustics, temperature-control, lighting etc. They also help conceal wiring, pipes and plumbing, duct-work and fire-fighting systems like sprinklers and smoke-alarms.

These ceilings, when designed and installed by our experts helps to integrate special lighting effects and sound systems for home-theaters, conference rooms, audio-visual presentation rooms etc.

False ceilings also help in energy-conservation in large spaces and offices and they’re fully integrated with mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. Your air-conditioning system’s power consumption can be drastically reduced. Rituz full-service interior design team can undertake coordinated work with our in-house civil works contractors to design and create false ceilings appropriate for your requirements, taste, budget and space limitations.