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Customized & Bespoke Furniture Designing & Execution

Gone are the days when you called your neighborhood carpenter to build a new set of chairs or a cabinet. You could choose the best wood, provide your own design, make sure the piece fits perfectly into the assigned space, was hand-crafted and finished to perfection. And you could be sure that the piece of furniture would be hard-working, tough and durable, besides looking great!

This is the age of mass-production. While factory-made furniture may not be unique or individualized, it's certainly convenient, affordable and easily available in many parts of the country. A big advantage is that you can buy individual pieces separately at different times and still get a uniform, cohesive look.

At Rituz, we believe that customized and bespoke furniture design and execution are more than mere luxuries or status symbols. Each piece is designed with inputs from our talented designers and from your, it's lovingly hand-crafted, and you can be sure that it will give you years of pleasure and functionality.

Today, vital issues like being environmentally responsible have taken center stage. Mass produced furniture leaves a huge carbon footprint in terms of production, transportation, sourcing of materials, energy-use etc. If synthetic materials have been used, this adds to the pollution. Many mass-produced items are created in sweat-shops in remote locations, in miserable labor conditions, hence from an ethical point of view, they’re less appealing.

Retail or factory-made furniture may not always be made of quality materials. You seldom get to choose exactly the right size, because mass-production means standardized.

Often, store-bought furniture options limit you to the as is where is condition, and you could find yourself in for nasty surprises when you get the piece home.

In contrast, at Rituz, we have our in-house dedicated crafts persons and designers who bring their experience and expertise to the table.

Bespoke furniture allows you to:

• Create a unique, one-of-a-kind piece
• Create a piece that you’ve seen and liked or been inspired by elsewhere
• Get the perfect fit for the available space
• Match the style, décor and finish of your interiors
• Choose local materials and crafts persons
• Design multi-use pieces, with additional storage – this is specially true of cabinetry and shelves, where you can add smaller niches or shelves to store things
• Create a versatile piece that can be customized to changing dynamics
• Create pieces for different kinds of interiors, like charter-planes, boats, caravans etc.

At Rituz, we work with clients to understand their requirements, design preferences, materials preferences, available space and budget to create possible design options. We keep the over-all picture of the space in mind when we create the design, so that the furniture fits in seamlessly.

We also use modern technology to design and execute our work. This helps us to schedule the job professionally and monitor its progress so that the completed piece arrives exactly when you want it to.

Talk to us about your dream piece of furniture and together we can translate it from idea to reality!