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Basic Civil Work

Our dedicated civil works contractors handle the execution/construction of all aspects of interior design for commercial and residential projects. Rituz can take up the basic civil works required in renovation, remodeling, refurbishing or new interior design and execution on a turnkey basis. Some projects may require liaising with government or municipal agencies, taking civic permissions from local authorities etc and we can assist you with these.

We keep the basic integrity of your structure in mind while designing any new features or themes so that the utilization of space is done without disturbing the existing structure.

At Rituz, we focus on harmony, balance and safety while creating an interior design that suits your life-style, budget, preferences and current trends. Our contractors ensure that your project stays within the contracted parameters of time and budget at all times. Sourcing the right materials and using only top-quality craftspersons and civil contractors is our specialty.

Since we work in sync with our clients, our design team is completely clued up on what exactly the end product should be and how we’re going to achieve this. We undertake work on residential, retail and commercial spaces, and our attention to detail makes each project a successful one. Our focus lies in ensuring that the final product is innovative, cost-effective, safe and secure and compliant with occupational health and safety standards. We offer all the requisite features for basic civil works such as equipments, expertise, resources and technology.

Civil works involves demolition, disposal of waste and construction. Our contractors ensure that these are done with the minimum disturbance to residents and neighbors, while staying in compliance with local norms and regulations.

At Rituz, we encourage your participation at every level of the project and value your inputs, since every project is unique, since perfection is our goal.  Our top-quality finishes, designs and service ensure that your interiors create a buzz!